Sunday, 3 May 2015

Obligations for Science

By: Khoirul Taqwim

Seek knowledge is not difficult for the earnest, but for those who lack sincerity, of course, is having trouble. That is why a seeker Science requires strategies to dig about science, and not just a mere imitation in exploring issues all scientists.

A seeker of Science will continue to look for a place where science and existence, for which a seeker of Science constantly trying as best as possible in reaching a Science, to be sought and applied science that gets in the midst of the universal reality of people's lives.

Science is a search ssebuah obligation for Muslims, that Muslims are able to worship in religious affairs and not easily mistaken, if Muslims worship while running. Then learn about the science of religion is very urgent for a Muslim to run their daily life activities.

Science dig as deep as possible is a form of seriousness for Muslims, to understand Science and Science hereafter lived today.

Departing from the above article, that seek Sciences about the world and about the hereafter is an obligation for Muslims, in order to distinguish between the truth and falsehood, of course, all is not separated from the source of Islam, both of the word and of the word. So look for Science makes part of the obligation for Muslims, in order to achieve the good life and as directed creator of all.

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