Sunday, 3 May 2015

Build success of Islam

By: Khoirul Taqwim

By building the Islamic mankind will create a noble character. So for that build Islam is a necessity in pursuing an Islamic building a more dignified in the midst of the reality of human life in general.

Islamic building will be faced with various problems that hinder both funding issues and mental problems. Then to establish Islam that required cooperation at all sides, so as to form a civilized Islamic buildings and amazing.

In the most important Islamic build able to create a mental change, to go mental noble. Because the noble character of Muslims will acquire various goodness that is truly amazing.

Islam building is not the most urgent problem of funds, although funds are also very urgent, but the most urgent spirit of unity and the unity of the Islamic community in the midst of the reality of human life is universal.

Noble character is the goal of Islamic buildings and well-being of Muslims is also a priority for success in establishing Islam, of course, the religion of Islam in order to awaken in every heart and soul of Muslims kaffah.

The success and the success story in building Islam can not be separated from Islam itself willing or unwilling to establish Islam, of course, all the necessary spirit of unity and the unity of Muslims in establishing Islam enlightening in the midst of the reality of human life.

Hopefully establish Islam can be realized, body and soul of Muslims can be achieved with good, Amin .......

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