Sunday, 3 May 2015

How to Rich Young With Modeling Modeling Prophet Muhammad

By: Khoirul Taqwim

Islam teaches mankind young rich with the goodness and not with the full path of disobedience, especially the young rich by tricking others, for Islam teaches that human beings are various ways of doing various work activities are lawful and take sustenance with the shari'ah ,

Religion Islam highly emphasizes Muslims in seeking sustenance in a manner consistent with the guidance of the word and the word. So as to obtain sustenance of mankind could be modeled on the example of the Prophet Muhammad, of course, with the way that commanded Allah and avoid prohibitions of Allah SWT.

Prophet Muhammad young future when looking for sustenance by way of trade in various regions as well as in various countries, and through the attitude of honesty and thoroughness of the Prophet Muhammad as a successful young businessman who truly extraordinary expertise in trade at the time.

Muslims who want to seek sustenance could be modeled on the example of the Prophet Muhammad who successfully trade and established itself as a successful merchant of his day. So the Prophet days of his youth can be regarded as a wealthy young man by way of trade. So for Muslims that if you want a wealthy days of his youth can mecontoh trade concept of the Prophet Muhammad, in order to succeed as a trader and future young entrepreneurs today.

Trade is one small example of how the rich young future according to Islam to imitate the example of the Prophet Muhammad in a variety of trading activities.

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