Sunday, 3 May 2015

Islamic-style therapy

By: Khoirul Taqwim

The existence of an increasingly popular therapy in the midst of the reality of human life. Given life facing humanity increasingly difficult. So menimbulkn suppress symptoms, to cause depression is very tight and difficult to control.

Very good therapy for mental and physical health. Thus the therapy can be used as an alternative way to solve the problems of mental load. Because the therapy can loosen the organs that produce a positive energy for someone who does therapeutic activity.

Therapeutic activities can be done in a way Islami, namely: by way of remembrance to draw closer to Allah SWT can be used as a good mental therapy for humanity, especially for Muslims who are in the real world and the virtual world.

Islamic-style therapy by means of dhikr can generate a power of faith in the inner or outer So with the Islamic-style therapy can be used as a benchmark, that the therapy can be used as a worship activity towards rapprochement between the creature with the maha pencipt all.

With an Islamic way through dhikr therapy will get the peace of mind that is truly extraordinary. Thus the therapy can be used as a vehicle to build a healthy spirit, moreover there is a proverb "a healthy soul there is a healthy body". Thus the therapy is very urgent for human life, to achieve a more precise inner health target

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