Sunday, 3 May 2015

Studying Islam

By: Khoirul Taqwim

Learn about the religion of Islam requires a basic foundation in learning about the problems of Islam, so that when studying the teachings of Islam, Muslims can properly about what is contained in the teachings of Islam. So that's why the teachings of Islam are always spread love and kindness for the whole universe.

The truth of the teachings of Islam is no doubt, given the truth of Islam to be a reflection of the reality of life in the good of mankind. So that's why the truth of Islam people manusai compulsory through Islamic sources, namely: the word and the word that express or are terirat.

Provides an understanding of the Islamic religion is an incredible kindness. So as to provide good in the teachings of Islam, of course, that human beings, especially Muslims in real life in the world towards a better life hereafter.

By learning the teachings of Islam makes the humble human beings in every act. Then learn the teachings of Islam is a truly amazing pleasure for hearts and minds, to learn that Islam has always felt towards calmness.

Learning Islam is a great grace in the midst of the universal reality of people's lives. Departing from studying the teachings of Islam made himself humanity into the people who are and always spread kindness is truly extraordinary in carrying out the practices of Islam

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