Sunday, 3 May 2015

Eliminating Stress Islamic version

By: Khoirul Taqwim

Islam is a doctrine that is perfect for human life. In fact, not infrequently Islam provides solutions to overcome the problems of human life burden, especially mental problems that occur in the midst of the reality of human life.

Mental load that occurs in the lives of human beings can lead a strong depression. Thus resulting in chaos in the mindset of mankind. So the stress approached in life. It takes the concept of mental medicine, so that people can minimize the mental burden that happened, of course, with the Islamic way in removing the word "stress".

Stress is excessive mental burden, if the stress can not be treated properly. So what happens is more dangerous than just stress, but can lead to mental illness who experience excessive mental burden.

Actually, Islam has taught, that the heartache that can cause stress can be treated by understanding the verses of the Koran. Then there will be a serene heart in running the next life.

Read verses from the Koran can be used as an alternative in treating stress. Because with a touch of the holy verses of the Qur'an and the heart will have peace of mind, and if the hearts and minds can feel the calmness, undoubtedly stress suffered by human beings can be overcome.

Relieve stress by reading verses of the holy Qur'an is part of Islam, so mankind, especially Muslims can continuously in reading verses from the Koran in the midst of the reality of human life is universal.

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