Sunday, 3 May 2015

Love To Islam

By: Khoirul Taqwim

Love to Islam is an invaluable divine grace prices and pleasures. Because of the love for Islam, meaning the same as the human race has devote themselves to God as creator of all that is in the heavens and the earth,

Love for Islam together with love to God and love to the Prophet. If anyone can be a boon love for Islam, meaning faith and guidance has been obtained by ourselves as human beings who believe.

The love of Islam can be realized by the ban and run away from all the commands of Allah. It will get extraordinary pleasure for the lovers of Islam, when a sense of passion with seriousness, not just a mere false love.

Allah loves pleasure is a form of great mercy for himself humanity in conducting various activities of life. Because of the love of Allah will get the pleasure of the world and the Hereafter later. So love to Islam is a necessity for human beings themselves faithful and devoted.

Love Islam can be regarded as a form of self compliance humanity in religion, so that the full enjoyment of grace will continue to come in the inner self kaffah mankind.

A manifestation of love to God one form of beauty for themselves mankind in proper exercise of religion, of course, according to the word and the word.

Love to Islam can be said to be self mankind as the path to kerahmatan. Given the same love of Islam with human beings themselves love to God and his messenger. of course, all filled with sincerity and sincerity is real.

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