Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Islam World's Largest Religion

By: Khoirul Taqwim

Islam religious beliefs of mankind with adherents of billions of adherents, to that Islam be the largest religion in the world with an enormous amount. Islam became the most favored of his people, not a few Islamic religious blessing of mankind who drowned in error was lit thanks to convert to Islam as a religion of grace throughout the universe.

With the Islamic religion so much enlightened humanity with his teachings. So that Islam is a religion that is very unusual in moving humanity toward goodness and truth.

Awesomeness of Islam into the doctrine that reflects the goodness that is truly amazing. Therefore Islam as a source of confidence of mankind, to become better human beings navigate the realities of life in today's society.

Not a few people Manuia was lit when converted to Islam. Given the Islam religion good and intelligent people in glorifying in persons who do not view the rich and poor in the teaching of the Islamic religion. Due to the size of glory instead of a rich or poor person, but the size of the person's devotion and faith.

Mankind with Muslims get enlightenment with millions of kindness. Given Islam has always taught about the goodness, kindness well with fellow mupun goodness with others. So that's why Islam became the biggest and outstanding amidst the universal reality of people's lives.

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