Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Overcoming Poverty Rural Community

By: Khoirul Taqwim

Poverty of rural communities has become a catastrophe for life in a nation. How come? Poverty has become a frightening specter in the midst of the reality of village life broadly. So for that reason in eradicating rural poverty is very urgent, in order to form a healthy rural communities physically and spiritually healthy too.

Overcoming poverty of the villagers started to build a strong education so that rural communities can overcome poverty and rural communities can know how berwirasusaha and can improve self-ability, and also develop skills in working better at his job.

By opening vast opportunities for rural communities to obtain business loans are easy, through a credit system that already exists in the midst of the reality of village life, of course, can be one way of combating rural poverty today.

Overcoming poverty of rural communities by encouraging the development of agriculture and mining amongst the rural communities tegah reality, so that the villagers were able to cultivate agricultural land well and able to empower rural communities by way of mining natural resources, but in the natural resource extraction must consider impact assessment environment.

How to overcome poverty rural communities can also be a way to build the arts and culture as property assets, to increase tourism in the midst of the reality of village life.

Build a strong religious spirit in overcoming rural poverty. Because of the religious spirit of rural communities can work not just mere material pursuits, but is able to educate the community spirit of the village, of course, as a rural community, humanity is faithful and devoted to Allah SWT.

With the simple inscription above, may be able to add science and can benefit us all in combating poverty that occurs in the midst of the reality of village life today, Amin .......

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